Bhutanese Menu

Momo (dumplings) – chicken, beef, cheese or pork


Ten pieces of meat or vegetable dumplings seasoned with green coriander leaves, fresh garlic and ginger served with Summit Ezay Sauce.

Soup Momo (Bhutanese style)


Chilli Chicken


Stir fried diced chicken, onion and capsicum flavoured with  mixture of herbs and spices…. (with Summit Ezay Sauce).

Pork Chilli


Diced pork meat stir fried with onion, capsicum and flavoured  with mixture of herbs…. (with Summit Ezay Sauce).



Stir fried noodles with meat – Chicken/Beef/Pork (with Summit Ezay Sauce).

Chowmein – Vegetarian


Stir fried noodles with mixture of vegetable… (with Summit Ezay Sauce).

Ema Datshi (national dish of Bhutan)


Combination of chilli and cheese. “Ema” means chilli “Datshi” means cheese

Kewa Datshi


Combination of chilli, potatoes and cheese. “Kewa” means potato

Shamu Datshi


Combination of mushrooms and cheese. “Shamu” means mushroom

Sikam Paa/ Shakam Paa


Dried pork or beef stir fry with onion, capsicum, radish and mixture of herbs and spices…. (with Summit Ezay Sauce). “Sikam” means dried pork “Shakam” means dried beef

Sikam Paa/ Shakam Paa Datshi


Masala Tea (per cup)


Lassi – plain or sweet





10 pieces of authentic Nepalese dumplings (meat/vegies) with  fresh herbs, ginger and garlic served with Summit Sauce.